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PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)


PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Standard precautions (standard precautions)In order to protect patients and healthcare professionals from infection and contamination, the patient’s blood, body fluids, secretions, excrement, etc. are all regarded as sources of infection, and PPE (personal protective equipment) is always used regardless of the presence or absence of an infectious disease. You need to use it thoroughly .

US CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is also recommendedThe US CDC states in the 1996 Isolation Prevention Guidelines that “pathogens and host factors are difficult to control, so blocking of microbial migration should be directed to the transmission route .” PPE is an effective means of blocking this transmission route.

Major premise in handling PPE

(1) Use the most suitable product (2) According to the application ( 3) Use it correctly

  • ・ Prevent infection of healthcare workers
  • · Protection against contamination exposure
  • ・ Prevention of diffusion of pollutants
  • ・ Unnecessary protective equipment is a waste of time and cost
  • ・ Recognizing the importance of protective equipment and knowledge
  • ・ Deepen knowledge of infection risk

Notice regarding supply status of inspection gloves

How to put on and take off PPE (personal protective equipment) * The order is different when you put it on and when you take it off.

How to wear

POINT: Be sure to wear it before entering the roomOrder of wearing: (1) Gown / Apron > (2) Mask >(3) Goggles / Face Shield > (4) Gloves

First, thoroughly clean and disinfect your fingers.1Gown apron

Cover the entire body from the knees to the neck with a gown
and tie the neck and waist straps.
Gently wear it around your neck, slowly unfold your waist strap and
tie it behind . Spread the hem so that it covers the area that comes into contact with the patient.


(1) Check the top and bottom and front and back of the mask.

(2) Put the elastic cord on your ear.

(3) Bend the nose piece firmly along the shape of the nose so that it does not slip off.

(4) While holding the nose, stretch the folds and cover the nose and chin firmly.

(5) Installation is complete.

3Goggles / face shield

[ goggles ]

[Face shield]

Wear it so that it covers your face and eyes.


(1) Pinch the hem of the glove and drop it down.

(2) Check the position of your thumb and put your hand in it.

(3) Attach the other hand in the same way.

(4) Cover the cuffs of the gown so that the wrists are not exposed.

× The wrist is exposed.

How to remove

POINT: Remove before leaving the roomOrder to remove: (1) Gloves > (2) Goggles / Face shield > (3) Gown / Apron > (4) Mask

  • 1Handbags
  • First, thoroughly clean and disinfect your fingers.2Goggles / face shield
    • (1) Avoid direct contact with the skin.(2) Gently remove the gloves so that the inside of the gloves is facing up.
    • (3) When you have finished removing the gloves, roll them into the gloved hand.
    • (4) Insert the fingertips of the removed glove inside the other glove.
    • (5) Remove it by pulling it up as it is.
    • (6) Discard the two gloves as they are.
    • [ goggles ]
    • [Face shield]
    • The outer surface is contaminated, so pinch and remove the elastic cord or frame and either discard it or put it back in place.
  • 3Gown apron
    • [Gown]
    • (1) Remove the waist strap and neck strap.
    • (2) Remove your hand from the sleeve so as not to touch the surface of the gown.
    • (3) Take off the gown so that it turns over, leaving your arm on the sleeve.
    • (4) Roll up the gown with your arms left on your sleeves.
    • [Apron]
    • (1) Tear off the neck strap.
    • (2) Bring the upper half of the apron forward.
    • (3) Lift the hem of the apron from the inside so as not to touch the front side of the apron.
    • (4) Tear off the waist strap in the folded state.
  • 4mask
  • Finally, clean and disinfect your fingers again.

    • Pinch and remove the
      elastic cord so that it does not touch the surface of the mask, and hold only the elastic cord to dispose of it.

If you have any questions about TPE gloves, please contact us by email as below.

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