Pink nitrile gloves


Model : OKU-NIT-P

Color: Pink

Size: S M L XL XXL

Weight: 3.0g-9.0g

Length: 9'

Packing: 1000pcs/ctn

MOQ: 500 ctns

Powder free : YES



Nitrile gloves are a type of disposable glove made of synthetic rubber. They contain no latex proteins and offer excellent resistance to wear and tears.They are often considered to be one of the the strongest types of disposable glove and are generally safe for people who are allergic to latex.Unlike other disposable gloves, nitrile gloves have low resistance to friction and are very easy to slide on.

Nitrile gloves come in a variety of sizes to fit all hands, from extra small to extra large. They can be made in a variety of textures, cuff lengths and thickness.
1.Nitrile gloves are extremely puncture resistant.
2.Nitrile gloves are a common alternative to latex for medical professionals who develop an allergy.
3.Nitrile gloves are easy to slide on and are more flexible than latex or vinyl gloves.
4.Nitrile provides a strong barrier of protection and offers greater chemical resistance.

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