HDPE Gloves transparent for food use, and HDPE Gloves manufacturer


Model : OKU-HG

Color: Clear

Size: S/M/L/XL

Weight: 0.4g-2.0g

Surface: Smooth / Embossed

Packing: 100pcs/bag, 100bags/ctns

Certificate: CE, ISO, PVOC

MOQ: 300ctns

Sample: Free



HDPE Gloves transparent for food use, and HDPE Gloves manufacturer.

Our factory started to produce transparent HDPE gloves in 2010. The transparent HDPE gloves produced by our factory are made of 100% raw materials, no recycled materials and fillers are added. The raw material formula of transparent HDPE gloves is the unique raw material technical formula of our factory technical team, and the transparent HDPE gloves made of transparent HDPE gloves have high transparency, high strength and good tensile force. , Seal the side well. We can provide transparent HDPE gloves according to the customer,s requirements for weight, thickness, length and packaging. Our factory can make 4*40HQ transparent HDPE gloves and HDPE Aprons every month. Our factory also has a strict quality management department to carry out strict quality management on the transparent HDPE gloves produced by our factory. Our factory will win long-term and stable cooperation with customers with high-quality products, competitive prices, and high-quality sales services. If you need transparent HDPE gloves, you can contact us by email.  or


1. Excellence and beautiful, the high grade product.

2. Easy to be pulled out and cut.

3. Simple to use convenient.

4.Transparency and no drape and even thickness.

5. Easy to use, can be recycled.

6. A wide range of uses, use of high value.

7. Pe gloves used for food, restaurant, kitchen, household or single use.

The specification as below:

Produce Name

HDPE Gloves transparent HDPE Gloves Vietnam HDPE Gloves      manufacturer
HDPE Gloves 100pcs x 100pkts


HDPE 100% virgin


Transparent, etc


Clear, dust free, water free, oil free, etc


Catering, cleaning, household, etc


100pcs/pack,100packs/ctn (Or customized)


0.5g/pcs ~  2.0g/pcs or Customize


500ctns/day. 1500ctns/20GP, 3500ctns/40GP.


0.004mm ~ 0.004mm ( or customize)

Package Design:



By sea or air







1) Why many people like to buy HDPE Gloves transparent
>Because HDPE Gloves transparent is relatively thin. As a disposable product, it is quickly used up and thrown away. Even if it is relatively thin, it can serve the purpose of safety and hygiene. As a low-cost HDPE Gloves transparent, it is widely loved by consumers in the terminal consumer market, so the sales volume is huge, especially in developing countries, people prefer to use HDPE Gloves transparent. Therefore, wholesalers will purchase a lot of HDPE Gloves transparent.

2) Can HDPE Gloves transparent be used in medical field?
>HDPE Gloves transparent can be used in the medical field, it must be a simple medical field. For example, if you need flexible operation, high finger flexibility and operability in the medical field, medical personnel need to use higher-level disposable latex gloves or disposable nitrile gloves.
In addition, more specific requirements need to be based on the requirements of the laws and regulations of the destination country.

3) As the OEM factory of HDPE Gloves transparent, can you provide samples?
>We can provide free samples of HDPE Gloves transparent, and the customer needs to bear the express fee. The freight depends on the country of the customer, and the express fee will be the same. It will be more convenient if the customer has an international express courier account. Customers can ask the courier to pick up HDPE Gloves transparent samples according to the address and contact information provided by us. Our samples can only be provided within 100 for free at most once.
If you have special requirements, you can contact us by email.

4) Can HDPE Gloves transparent be made in other colors.
>Our factory can produce HDPE Gloves transparent in other colors, but there are MOQ requirements. MOQ is 500CTNS.

5) Can your HDPE Gloves transparent factory accept factory inspection?
>We welcome customers to visit our factory, take a look at our factory,s production process, quality management, our corporate culture and our corporate philosophy. We hope that our customers come to our production site to learn more about our factory and our professional production and sales team as the basis for our long-term and stable cooperation.

If you have any need, please contact the email. or

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