CPE Disposable Gloves Manufacturer China Top Glove with Embossed


Product Name: : CPE Disposable Gloves Manufacturer China Top Glove with Embossed

Model : OKU-CPE-001

Material:: CPE


Package: 100pcs x 100pkts

Colour: Transparent or Blue or Customize



CPE Disposable Gloves Manufacturer China Top Glove with Embossed

We are manufacturer of disposable OEM CPE gloves with 10 years since 2010. We export the cpe disposable gloves more than 30 countries.

After our technology and  formular,s continurous improvement, our High quality  CPE disposable  gloves are strong pull tension, good winger,

neat incision, soft and good transparency. We do not adulterated any inferior-quality raw materials. Every step from production to testing technology,

We will do rigorous testing, pursuing zero defect products. Our factorys supplies the best quality CPE disposable gloves.

The CPE Disposable Gloves specification are as below:


Cpe Gloves Manufacturer




Clear, Red, Green, BlueBlackPurple  etc






1.3g- 3.0g (S:1.9g M:2.0g L:2.1g XL2.2g




Smooth / Embossed


Package:200pcs/box 10boxes/ctns Qty/ctn: 2000pcs/carton

Qty 20GP: About 2500cartons

Qty 40HQ: About 5500cartons


20ft container(about 2500ctns.)


1. T/T by 30%deposit,balance payment before shipment

2. Irrevocable L/C at sight


35-40 days after receipt of the advance payment




We have our own factory for TPE Glove,So we have fast time   and competitive price.


Our veterinary products have high quality suitable to export to countries around the world.


Samples for free, just pay the freight charge.

The youtube video as below:


The difference between CPE gloves and TPE gloves:
1) The materials of CPE gloves and TPE gloves are different. The material of CPE gloves is CPE, and the material of TPE gloves is TPE.
>The two kinds of gloves are difficult to distinguish in appearance, the main difference lies in the feel of the gloves. Generally, TPE gloves of good quality have soft hand feeling, good tensile force, elasticity, and a high degree of matching with the hand. However, CPE gloves feel hard, and the comfort of wearing gloves is not as good as TPE gloves. Of course, in general, the cost of TPE gloves is higher than that of CPE gloves, so the price of CPE gloves will be higher than that of TPE gloves.

2) The difference between Inner embossed and outer embossed of CPE gloves:
>It mainly depends on whether the non-slip texture of CPE gloves is on the outside or on the inside. Because the casting machine has embossing when producing cast film, it mainly depends on whether the embossing is on the inside or outside of the glove. The inside of the glove is called Inner embossed, and the outside of the glove is called outer embossed.

3) Why is the price of CPE more expensive than LDPE.
>Because the equipment for producing CPE film is a casting machine, the equipment cost and production cost of the casting machine are higher than that of the LDPE film blowing machine.
Therefore, CPE gloves of the same weight will be more expensive than LDPE gloves.

4) Why are blue CPE gloves generally used in food processing?
>Because if the disposable CPE gloves are damaged during food processing, the broken glove fragments are blue, which can be easily found in the food, which largely avoids the danger of human consumption.

5) Can CPE gloves be used for other purposes besides food processing or catering?
>Disposable CPE gloves are used for many purposes. They can be used for sanitation care, kitchen cleaning, and equipment repair to avoid oil pollution. It can also be used for hair dyeing gloves and other purposes.

We are a manufacturer of disposable CPE gloves. We are a group company. Our company has three factories and a professional sales company. We hope that with our professional technology, high-quality product quality, competitive product prices, and the high-quality service of our sales team, we will bring you a different purchasing experience and establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with you.
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