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What are the advantages of your veterinary gloves ?

Our company is a professional manufacturer of veterinary long-arm gloves. It is the earliest manufacturer of veterinary long-arm gloves in China. It has nearly 20 years of manufacturing experience since it started production in 2000.

The long-arm gloves produced by the veterinary long-arm glove manufacturer are made of new PE raw materials and adopt the international advanced spray film technology to effectively solve the problems of splitting and perforation. The inside is smooth, easy to put on, close to the hand, soft and delicate and elastic. It is a necessary disposable glove for rectal palpation of ovary, pregnancy examination, obstetrics and artificial insemination in large animals. It will not cause damage to animal mucous membranes, and at the same time prevent cross-infection of diseases.

Accress: 624 Date: 2022-11-11 Auther: OKUNY GROUP