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Nitrile Gloves Alternative TPE Hand Hands

Nitrile Gloves Alternative TPE Hand Hands

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it is difficult to supply nitrile gloves.
Nitrile gloves are disposable gloves that are used in a great many places such as nursing care sites as well as food manufacturing and medical sites. The nitrile gloves are currently in short supply worldwide and the price is soaring.
It is thought that the cause is that the balance between supply and demand has been lost because it is now used in places that have not been used much until now, such as heightened awareness of personal hygiene management and wearing by employees such as supermarkets and public facilities. Can be done. In addition, it is rarely manufactured in Japan, and it can be said that one of the reasons for the soaring price is that it cannot be handmade like a mask.
Nitrile gloves in such a situation, but this time I would like to introduce TPE gloves.
What is a TPE glove?
TPE uses a material called thermoplastic elastomer.
It looks just like poly gloves, but because it has excellent elasticity like nitrile gloves,
The feature is that it fits more easily on the fingertips than poly gloves. Since it is cheaper than nitrile gloves, which are soaring in price, it has intermediate workability and economy between nitrile gloves and poly gloves.
Since the color is blue, it has good visibility and is also suitable as a countermeasure against foreign matter contamination.
The current situation is that a stable supply of nitrile gloves cannot be expected.
By replacing some of the work that has been done with nitrile gloves up to now with the TPE gloves introduced this time, it may be possible to solve the problem of shortage of nitrile gloves and the increase in the cost of sanitary goods. not.
・ Those who have trouble with nitrile gloves
・ Those who want to reduce the cost of satellite products
・ Those who are interested in TPE gloves

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