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How to choose and use goggles and face shields

How to choose and use goggles and face shields

Ⅰ. Role of goggles and face shield

Protects the conjunctiva from exposure to the pathogens it contains when droplets of moist biological material are scattered. Goggles are effective in protecting the eyes, but they do not protect against bounces or splashes on other parts of the face. Face shields, on the other hand, protect the nasal cavity and oral mucosa at the same time in addition to the eye due to their shape, or reduce bounce and splash to the temporal surface.

Ⅱ. Clinical situations that require eye protection

1) When there is a high possibility that droplet particles will be scattered over a wide area

● During surgery (other than microsurgery)

● Wound cleaning

● Oral treatment / care

● Intratracheal suction (open type)

● Tracheal endoscopy

● Intubation and extubation Time

2) When the contents may pop out or bounce off when operating medical equipment

● When operating a blood-containing device under pressure

● Vascular puncture (dialysis, angio, etc.)

● Large amount of liquid, When processing a muddy wet disposable aspirator

● When handling a sample container

 ● When handling a vein tube, bags, pump

● When handling a nutrition / ventilator tube

Ⅲ. How to choose goggles and face shield

Protective functions and cost performance suitable for the application are required, but the compliance rate of wearing is affected by the feeling of wearing, securing the field of vision necessary for work, adjustable to fit the face, and design. .. The types and characteristics are summarized in Table 1.

Types and characteristics

Table 1. Types and characteristics of eye protection

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