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TPE GLOVESA newcomer to disposable gloves TPE gloves

TPE GLOVESA newcomer to disposable gloves TPE gloves

With the infection of the new coronavirus not subsided, there is a shortage of disposable gloves, which are essential items in medical settings and food factories, all over the world.
Disposable gloves are rarely manufactured in Japan and cannot be handmade like masks, so the current situation is that supply is not keeping up with the rapidly increasing demand.What is particularly lacking is the thin disposable gloves made of vinyl chloride or nitrile that fit the hand and are highly versatile. Before the corona sickness, a box of 100 pieces was usually about several hundred yen, but now it has jumped several times, and some companies stop receiving it due to too much price increase, so domestic distribution is unlikely to recover for a while is. Under such circumstances, disposable gloves made of new materials that may help solve the surge in demand and supply shortages are attracting attention. It is made by blending a resin called thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) with polyethylene material, which is considered to be the cheapest among disposable gloves. TPE is an intermediate material between rubber and plastic and has good stretchability and excellent fit.Since it has shrinkage compared to polyethylene gloves, it is possible to perform detailed work using fingertips by stretching and using one size smaller when wearing gloves.While the prices of various disposable gloves are expected to rise in the future, TPE gloves, which are inexpensive in terms of cost, are expected to be used in various places.

Accress: 1159 Date: 2021-01-19 Auther: HP TEAM