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Q:  What are the use of the TPE gloves

A:  TPE film gloves use:
1. Household hygiene and cleaning of catering industry
2. Eat at home or go out for a picnic
3. Nurse and clean the place
4. All kinds of manual operation to avoid pollution
5. Industrial application, electronic industry protection
6. Machine maintenance, painting and painting
7. Laboratory, scientific research and hygiene
8. Beauty salons, hair coloring and oil treatment
9. Veterinary profession, dental examination
10. Food processing, kitchen cooking

Q:  What are the advantages of your disposable face shield mask ?


Disposable protective face shield mask is suitable for medical institutions, wards, laboratory, daily life, etc.

High springback sponge, wear for a long time without strangulation.

Adjustable buttons.

HD anti-fog mask.

We are manufacture of disposable face shield and we can give you best price. Also control the quality.

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Q:  What are the advantages of your veterinary gloves ?

A:  Veterinary Long arm gloves are made of 100% degradable materials of international advanced environmental protection. They can be widely used in rectal palpation, ovarian examination, pregnancy examination, obstetrics and artificial insemination of cows, beef cattle, horses and donkeys. They are also necessary to prevent workers from cross-infection of occupational diseases and reproductive diseases of female animals. This product has been improved on the basis of international similar products, good quality, excellent price, hand-type can be customized. And ensure bearing pressure, no leakage, high elasticity, strong flexibility, good handle.

Q:  Can tpe gloves be used as household gloves?

A:  Yes, because tpe own use positioning also has home cleaning, tpe gloves do have their own advantages as household gloves, but remember not to touch more than 60 degrees of high temperature, but generally home work can not have such a high temperature, oil resistance, wear resistance, waterproof. The price is cheap and suitable. 

Q:  How is the quality of your Artificial insemination veterianry gloves ?


We are manufacture of Artificial insemination veterianry gloves, Our factory is in Hebei Provice.

So we can give you the best price and control the quality.

And we have passed the quality test. We have posted a vedio on youtube.

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Q:  What the diffierence between TPE gloves and disposable vinyl gloves


What the diffierence between TPE gloves and disposable vinyl gloves
The vinyl glove provides users with a high level of comfort and dexterity, but the price is higher than TPE gloves. If you care about the price, TPE is a good choice instead of vinyl gloves.

●The disposable vinyl glove is a seamless construction, but TPE glove is heat seal flat gloves.

●The materials of vinyl glove is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the materials contain DOP, DINP, or DOTP. but the TPE gloves are DOP, DINP, or DOTP free, it is good for people s health, so TPE glove is food grade.

Q:   Do you have any certificates?

A:  Our product passed inspection of CE, FDA, ISO.
Quality is priority! Every worker keeps the QC from the very beginning to the very end,
Quality control department especially responsible for quality checking in each process.

Q:  Are you a manufacturer?

A:  We have factory,so we can control the quality and can give you the best price.

Q:  What information should I offer if I want to get a quotation?

A:  1) the weight , thickness
2) the quantity you order per time
3) the packing term  In order to offer you the best and accurate price.

Q:  How can I get some samples?

A:  We are very happy to send you sample,and the sample are free for you, but you need to afford the freight fee accoding to our company rules.I promise you if you order from us finally,we would like to return this fee to you.