22 Apr

Alpha Universal AI Sheath


The equipment for artificial insemination and fertilized egg transplantation of cattle is a stainless steel rod-shaped cylinder, and a straw is set at the tip. Then, cover it with a plastic cover called a sheath tube.

The sheath tube for artificial insemination has a hole at the tip. The one for fertilized egg transplantation used to be the type with a hole first like the one for artificial insemination. However, this type of mucus was one of the factors that lowered the conception rate when mucus etc. entered the straw when passing through the cervix. Therefore, it has been improved to a type that closes the hole at the tip and has two holes on the side of the tip.

The horizontal hole type makes it difficult for mucus and blood in the cervical canal to enter the straw, which makes it possible to suppress the decrease in conception rate.

In recent years, the horizontal hole type has also been sold for artificial insemination sheath tubes. I haven’t used it, but I think it works.

In fertilized egg transplantation, a cover such as vinyl is placed over the sheath tube. This is because the bacteria in the vagina do not contaminate the implant when the instrument is passed through the vagina.

By making the tip of the sheath tube a horizontal hole type and attaching a cover on the sheath tube, the conception rate of fertilized bovine eggs has improved dramatically.

I think it would be effective if the infertility treatment transplant catheter was also a horizontal hole type.

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